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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gratitudes--January 13, 2010

I have to get school started in a few minutes, but I wanted to take a little quiet graitutude time...

I'm grateful for:

Mid-January! Okay, I'm really trying hard with this one. I usually don't like January or February because it feels like a barren stretch of time between Christmas and springtime, but I am choosing to be grateful for what Winter means. The plants are resting underneath a blanket of snow. It's quieter outside. Everything feels clean and crisp. I am choosing to be grateful for this time because I usually find it a struggle to get through. Give thanks for everything, right?

Life. After watching video and interviews coming from Haiti about the tremendous earthquake they just had, I am so grateful that I have yet to experience such a shaking in my life. Every bit of the area that was hit (Port au Prince) including the people, the local infrastructure, the government, the businesses, the schools, everything has been "shaken" in some way or another and it will be a long road toward recovery for them. They were just coming out of the damage caused by the hurricanes 2 years ago and now this devastation. I am so grateful for my life, but I'm also grateful that I have the opportunity to support them in prayer and to, hopefully, find another way to help, as well.

Quiet time. In the last few days, I've tried to spend some time alone and it's been good for me to do so. I can sometimes get overwhelmed easily if I'm in the wrong frame of mind. Spending quiet time alone helps me to be more open to people, more open to God and more open (and kind) to myself.

Financial blessings for my friends and family! In the last week, I have seen three MAJOR financial blessings come to people I care about. I saw God bring a good thing out of a horrible situation, and I also saw God surprise people (my parents and my aunt) who all got an unexpected gift that was owed to them that they didn't even know about! I am so happy for them because this is an answer to prayer in each situation. God knows, people. He knows what you need. Sometimes the answer is "not right now", but that's because God knows the right timing. He has deep pockets, don't forget that.

Things working out. I've seen a few situations in the last few days work out better than imagined. They could have gone one way, but they didn't. If God gives you peace about something, it's probably because he's going to work it out...and if he gives you peace about something and it doesn't work out how you think it should, that's likely the reason he was giving you peace in the first place. :)

Every day is a new day. There are days where I'm just not proud of myself as a person, as a mother, as a wife. I know, though, that God gives new mercies for each day. He is the provider. He is the comforter. He is the one who knows my heart and loves me despite it. His mercies are new every morning and all we have to do is wake up and say, "God, I am grabbing hold of those new mercies." It's not about you trying to be a better person...if you do that on your own, you'll likely end up feeling like a failure at some point. All you have to do is realize that you belong to Him and He loves you more than anyone else on Earth ever has or ever will and HE will lead you through. He gives hope where there was hopelessness. He gives peace where there was strife. He trades you joy for your mourning. I'm so grateful that every day is a new day, and that God has new mercies for me when I open my eyes each morning.

My hope for you is that you realize that God wants to bless you. I see so many people who, when someone around them gets a financial blessing or a gift of some sort or a relationship working out, they grumble in their hearts (or even aloud) about how they haven't gotten theirs yet. That's the "orphan spirit" reacting. People who truly know that they are children of God are happy for those around them whom God is blessing and they don't grumble. They KNOW that God will bless them. They KNOW that God's desire is to give them hope and a future and they don't waver from that truth.

My hope is that you know, deep in your heart, that God loves you and that everything WILL work out in the end. Keep your attitude in check in the waiting time. Mourn with those who mourn and rejoice with those who rejoice. Your time is coming. Don't give up.

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