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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gratitudes and Thoughts --March 17, 2010

The past few days, I gave myself a bit of "radio silence"...or Internet silence, if you will. I have been thinking about a lot of things, and some of you already know the circumstances. God is speaking to me, though, and he's teaching me. I HATE waiting, but it's a good thing sometimes.

I'm grateful for...

Patience. It's a virtue I don't normally possess. But God tends to "help" you learn the virtues you don't possess, doesn't he?

Spring is here! I saw the crocuses blooming today. The sun is warm, and the sky is blue and cloudless. Buds are growing on all the trees and bushes. I'm excited to see green soon.

Possibilities. When God opens my eyes to them, it makes me more appreciative and more hopeful. He's good that way.

New mercies. There's a reason why people say you should "sleep on it" when you're going through a decision or a time of INdecision...God gives you wisdom when you least expect it, and, often, that means a little waiting and thinking. God's mercies help that waiting process and the times where you have to process things.

St. Patty's Day. Yes, we're celebrating the Irish, but all this green is making me a happy girl, too! You know that Spring is arriving when St. Patty's Day comes.

Mom2Mom. I had fun with the ladies in the group today. All the wearin' o' the green and the green foods (broccoli quiche, green veggies to dip, brownies covered with minty frosting) and fun discussions was good for the soul.

Friends. Nuff said.

An awesome real estate agent. Michelle is tops.

A husband who balances me out. I have become a lot calmer and a lot smarter with finances and plans the longer we've been married. We have very little in common, personally, but it works.

My hope for you is that your hope arises. Whatever you're going through and whatever your circumstances may be at this moment, keep your hope alive. God has you in the palm of his hand.

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