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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gratitudes and Thoughts--May 6, 2010

Life is good. I have been thinking more about the idea of pruning. In my life, sometimes it's God doing the pruning, and other times he leaves it to me. Deep down, if we have some discernment, we often know what's good for us, and we also know what isn't good for us. Many times we don't want to admit it, especially if we're attached to what is bad for us or to the branches in our lives that have died. While God sees the bigger picture and can easily remove things and issues and people from our lives, sometimes he leaves it up to us to make the decision. With God's help, making the choice to prune dead branches from your life gives you the ability to own your life and your choices.

People constantly blame God, other people or they blame the enemy for the bad situations in which they find themselves or for the bad decisions they have made. With people like that, it's NEVER their fault. When God allows us to prune off the dried up or toxic branches, it forces us to take ownership of our mistakes and of the realization that not all the things we're growing out of us are healthy.

God is a good gardener. The Bible likens him to a vineyard keeper. It also likens him to a vine. If we remain part of him and keep our connection to the life flowing through him, we will inevitably grow, but because we're connected to him it will also become obvious to us what things in our lives we will need to let go of. I think that's why he gives us the object lessons in nature. Seeing the ideas of growth and death in nature help us to realize how simple they are. It comes down to this--the more dead branches there are on a plant, the more slowly it will grow and the more likely it is that it will die.

Are you planted in healthy soil or is it toxic? Are you bearing fruit? If not, examine your life and take notice what things are in need of a little pruning...or a lot of pruning. You'll be better for it. Dead branches, even though they're dead, still divert nutrients from the part of the plant that it alive. PRUNE! We all have things we can get rid of. God is good. He's more than happy to help when we need it. Ask him what to do.


I'm grateful for...

Amazing weather. The past few days have been LOVELY and it's really helped me in my effort to pick up my mood and stop my self-pity party.

Cyber school. We're almost finished with first grade. I can't believe it and I'm so excited for Liam that he's progressing so quickly.

Brendan. He has his really upset moments, but he is such a joyful kid. He loves a good belly laugh and he knows that it's infectious. When he laughs, I smile every time.

Weddings. I love weddings, and I also love photographing them. I did one this past weekend with Don Orkoskey and it allowed me the opportunity to get back into the photographer frame of mind and to get out of my creative slump. Winter is so hard for me because I feel so "blah" and uncreative. It's Springtime and it's wedding season again. Yay!

Painted nails. Shallow, I know, but having my fingers and toes all pretty makes me feel a little more put together and makes me a little more perky.

Flowers. My first rosebud is popping out and I can't believe the joy that gives me. Seeing my plants (especially my flowers) grow is a really satisfying feeling...I can kind of see how God feels. Soon I'll be able to have my daily flower in my hair. Flowers really are the best accessories.

I am happy to see Springtime. I hope you are, too, and that you can experience it's effects in your life. Springtime, for me, means hope, new growth, a fresh start. I like feeling like God gives us a yearly do-over. Take advantage of it. Hold on to God and don't let go.

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