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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Grateful - July 18, 2010

Today, I'm grateful for...

Losing track of time. Have you ever had one of those summer days where the day lazed on and you didn't really know (or care) what time it was? Today was one of those days. Today was a long, pleasant, happy family day.

Hot and sunny. It's not Winter!

Long, sweaty walks. I had my usual hour and a half walk this morning, but it was a little later than I normally go...so it was HOT! But I was happy to be out in the fresh air, walking, listening to music and feeling the sun on my shoulders. I'm blessed.

Now. I am often one who lives in the past or in the future, but I'm learning to embrace "now" and live more in the moment. I find the times when I'm the most down are the times when I'm living in the past. I'm learning, though. I think that gratitude is the key to living in the present.

Brendan's belly laugh. It makes me smile no matter how I'm feeling.

New chairs for the front porch. Sean took me to Home Depot this morning to look at new chairs and cushions. He likes it when we sit on the front porch together and chat or just watch the world go by, so he wanted me to be more comfortable sitting out there. He bought some great wrought iron chairs that rock and he bought me some cushions for them, as well. We sat out there tonight eating dessert with the kids and listening to them talk and laugh. I think I'm going to like my new chairs.

Everything. You know, I have so much more in my life than I'll ever deserve. I am so thankful for another day, for my kids, my husband and for the experience of being human. It sucks sometimes, I know, but life is a gift.

My hope is that you realize what a gift life is. No matter what struggles you may be going through, your life has been given to you. Do the most with it that you can. I have to remind myself once in a while to make the most of the gift of life and to really appreciate what it means to have the opportunity to take another breath, to see another sunset or to hear my children laughing together. Appreciate your life. I guarantee that if you focus yourself ONLY on being grateful, you will see all of your blessings plainly and be able to see the good in every situation.

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