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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Grateful - August 9, 2010

I just watched this video of military members coming home to their families...a very happy, hopeful, tearful piece of something that happens every day. But there's nothing "every day" about the military and the things they endure. So I just want to say that I'm thankful for our military. They're a brave bunch of citizens who take their duty seriously. If you get a moment today, say a prayer for them and their safety.

Just so you know, if you watch this video of military homecomings, you WILL cry. Get a Kleenex ready. Link below:

Today, I'm grateful for...

Sunshine. It's been a cloudy couple of days, which I have definitely enjoyed, but it's so nice to see the sun and blue sky again.

An impromptu vacation. While the circumstances surrounding the impromptu vacation, a work layoff, may be less than favorable in some people's minds, I am so thankful that we are having this opportunity. A job opportunity will come available, but the chance for my husband to be in his home country and see his family, even if just for a couple of weeks, is worth it all.

Naps. Yesterday, I took a long nap. It messed up my sleep schedule last night, but it felt so good to wake up from it and not be groggy and tired. I don't often have the opportunity to take naps, so I welcomed it and let it happen. :)

Being somewhere else. Sometimes you have to leave home for a little while to appreciate it more when you come back. I miss my big, messy house, but I am so grateful for this time away.

My kids arguing with each other...yes, that's exactly what I said. While it bothers me to no end and annoys the heck out of me when they fight, I am so glad that I have them and that they have each other. Someday, I'll miss the sound of them yelling at each other, so I'm choosing to be grateful for it. Being grateful for the annoyances makes me more patient.

BBC World News. They show the world events that CNN shows as a little typed line across the bottom of the screen. Sometimes you can't get a grasp of the tragedies and disasters and the magnitude of what's happening to the rest of the world if you don't actually see it. While every news organization has its own spin, I am grateful to be able to actually see and appreciate the things that are happening around the world.

My hope is that you appreciate the things that you may not normally appreciate. Life is fleeting and taking EVERYTHING, every moment of life, as a blessing is sometimes a struggle, but it's a worthwhile struggle. If you can't connect with the less-than-desirable moments of life, you certainly won't be able to connect with the "mountain top" moments. I've read that a truly humble person considers every moment a gift, good or bad, so I hope that I'm learning.

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