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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Grateful - 11/28/10 (Hallelujah Chorus)

To me, there's something so moving about the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel's Messiah. Lately there's been an outbreak on YouTube of flash mobs singing the piece in various public places...department stores, mall food courts, etc. It doesn't matter how many times I hear it, though, I get chills and I'm all choked up. I think I feel that way because the wonder and mystery and majesty of my Jesus seems to be encapsulated in the feeling of that song. It is a piece of music that at least attempts to give Jesus the credit that is due him, whether the people singing it even believe what they're singing or not.

My emotions have been tied to my faith since I was a child, and music has always been a part of that for me. That's probably why old hymns hit me at my core. It's why pieces of music like the Hallelujah Chorus make me want to turn my face to heaven and smile and say, "Thank you."

So I will continue to watch every single Hallelujah Chorus flash mob video that pops up on the Internet. It makes me feel less important in my own eyes, and it makes my problems seem a lot smaller. It doesn't matter to me where or how it's sung...it's the truth to me and it's majesty in music, and it will never get old.

Here are two versions:

Today, I'm grateful for...

A new baby. There's beauty in the beginning of a new life. It's solemn and joyous and new and scary and crazy and emotional and tiring, but it's beautiful. Knowing that that little baby boy will be a man someday, with his own purpose and calling, is a heavy thing to think about. But it will be fun to watch him grow. He has two great parents who love the Lord, so that's the best start any child could ask for.

Christmas lights. This weekend, it seems that everyone now has their Christmas lights put up. It's the beginning of a season that I love. As much as I love Thanksgiving, I also love the Christmas season--funny, though, that the actual day I could take or leave. I love the feelings of Christmas. I love the setting. I love the idea of celebrating Jesus' birth and what it meant for him to come as a baby. All of it. It's like Thanksgiving on speed. People go nuts over presents and purchasing goodies, but I could honestly care less about that. I just want Jesus and I'm so glad to celebrate him, whether it's Christmas or not.

A fun weekend. It was seriously great. It was Thanksgiving. My brother and his family came in town. I got to go to a Penguins hockey game. My friend had her baby on Thanksgiving. I also got to see a group of people with whom I went to high school, some of whom I hadn't seen in 18 years. I got to spend family and friends time, fun time and food time all in the span of one weekend. Really, you can't beat that.

Reminders. Sometimes we need an occasional reminder of God's faithfulness. As he has promised, he will never leave us nor forsake us, and he will provide for all of our needs. And he continues to do so for me in so many ways.

Laughter. I have people in my life who make me laugh. Laughter truly is the best medicine, whether you're sick in body or sick at heart. God created it in us because he DOES it. I think funny people have a gift that they don't even realize is truly a gift.

Our new TV. Sounds like a shallow gratitude, I know, but Sean waited all night on Black Friday to get this TV and it's one sweet TV. :) It's not gigantic or anything, but it's flat and it's mounted on the wall. Pretty.

I hope you take the time to laugh today. I hope you remember that joy is at the center of this season when we celebrate Jesus giving up everything to be one of us. I hope you keep reminding yourself that it's the little things that matter, and that you can learn from anyone. God is faithful all the time.

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