Heart in the Clouds

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

I did one of those Facebook surveys, so here are my answers...

Favorite sights:
1. Sean walking in the door after work.
2. The view of Pittsburgh when you come out of the Fort Pitt Tunnel (day OR night)
3. Sunshine through the windows of my bedroom.

Favorite sounds:
1. Laughter
2. Music (it soothes my soul)
3. Bacon frying

Favorite tastes:
1. The first bite of my favorite foods (the first bite is always the best)
2. Coffee with flavored creamer (peppermint mocha or pumpkin spice)
3. Chocolate (all of it...except the really dark stuff)

Favorite touches:
1. My camera in my hand
2. The sun on my face while I'm on one of my long, fast walks.
3. A big hug from my man (he makes me feel little...that's hard to do)

Favorite smells:
1. Banana muffins baking
2. A new magazine full of perfume sample ads
3. My kids, freshly showered

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