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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Grateful - 12/15/10

There are days where everything seems to make sense. Then there are days where everything you say, everything you hear, everything you think sounds like dialogue from Pingu or like Charlie Brown's teacher. "Wah wah wah wah..." The wonderful thing is that God is faithful and loving and generous and caring no matter which day I'm having. His is the voice that shoots through the fog and cuts straight into my heart. I love that about Him. He is always present in my life, even when I'm not.

I'm grateful for...

Steelers tickets! Bill (my brother) and I had a fun time seeing our favorite team play. We saw Polamalu make two interceptions, one of which he ran for a touchdown. It was cold and rainy, we ate food that wasn't good for us, we dressed unfashionably and even adopted some thick Pittsburgh accents when we felt like it. But we cheered our team to victory and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

Kittens. The Debate Kittens are a group of women I came in contact with online. We started out debating politics, religion, news...whatever was debate-worthy. Over time, though, we have become friends. The Kittens are incredibly supportive and thoughtful. Because of them, I started to really think about what I believe about certain things. Because of them I know that I have a place to stay in pretty much any state in the country. We don't all share the same beliefs, but that doesn't seem to matter.

Layoffs. This time around it's been harder, but I'm still grateful that we get to have Sean here with us. Plus, he and my dad have been going crazy trying to finish the basement remodel and it's looking great. There WILL be a guest suite/hangout room down there soon! Looking forward to making use of that space.

Random acts of kindness. I LOVE to do them because it's one of the instances in life where I can feel God smiling. Random acts of kindness are an opportunity to be an extension of God's hand, even in a small way.

My car. It's been such a blessing to me to have it. I know that getting it was a "God thing." I'm also grateful that both of our cars are paid off. Not everyone can say that.

The empty fridge. This morning, I opened the fridge to find something to feed the kids, but there was nothing much in there. I had to laugh...and then I had to go grocery shopping. The empty fridge means I've been really busy doing fun things, so I haven't had time to shop.  However, I did go shopping and bought enough to last us a couple of weeks. It IS possible to feed a family of four decently for under $75 a week...even less if you know what you're doing. (Bows)

Snow...I'm cringing as I type it, but maybe I can do the "fake it till you make it" thing. Maybe someday I'll REALLY be grateful for snow, but until that day comes I am grateful that we're another day closer to Spring! The six inches on the ground is making me happy for the coming of Spring.

Having coffee with a UK friend. I have a friend who lives across the ocean who says that reading my gratitudes is like sitting down and chatting with me over coffee. It's a nice visual and I hope that's how people feel when they read what I write.

Hearing my kids laugh until they can't breathe. There is no better sound. It's impossible not to smile when kids are laughing from their guts. :)

Loving myself. I haven't always loved myself, but I am learning to do that these days. I love that God created me. I love that he has had a purpose for me from before time. I love that He considers me lovely, even when I don't. I can love myself because HE loves me.

I hope you realize that it's good to love yourself. I hope you have some laugh-till-it-hurts moments...I know I'd love a few. I hope you know that God provides for your needs, so worrying isn't helpful. I also hope you learn to live well, no matter what your bank account balance says. Living well has nothing to do with money and everything to do with attitude and kindness.

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