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Friday, December 24, 2010

Grateful - 12/24/2010

Today I am grateful for...

Cozy days. Today, we stayed at home and got in the Christmas mood. I have to say that after today, I actually have the warm fuzzies that I like to feel at this time of year. I spent the early part of my morning with all three of my fellas in bed with me. We had a big breakfast, we watched Christmas movies, listened to Christmas music, drank egg nog and ate cookies all day. I baked, I made fudge and we had a wonderful day at home.

Linus' reminder of what Christmas is all about.

A long walk. I walked for nearly 2 hours in a pretty hard, windy snow. It was lovely, though. I smiled the whole time and I felt more grateful than I have in a long time.

Our new basement room. Sean and my dad have spent a lot of time working down there and their labor has paid off. It's a lovely, warm space where we will all enjoy spending time.

Acts of kindness that aren't particularly random. They're good for all the people involved.

Layoffs. I could look at the downside, but I'm not going to. We are able to have Sean with us all the time (for now) and we are all enjoying that part of it. So thank you, God, for the layoff. :)

Ignoring the stress. I have had a lot of different things that have tried to preoccupy me, and many have succeeded in the last few weeks. However, today I chose to forget all of those things and just enjoy myself...hence, the smile on my face and the warm fuzzies in my heart.

Christmas movies. It's A Wonderful Life. Miracle on 34th Street, The Nativity Story, A Christmas Carol, A Christmas Story, White Christmas, Charlie Brown Christmas. They never cease to lighten my mood and remind me about what is important, even when it's not Christmas. So much more this time of year.

Time with my friends. Last night, I got to hang out with Tammy for some girl time, and this evening I got to hang out with Slavina and Roy and their little baby, Gabriel. Holding a sweet little baby for 3 hours made the boring (but successful) Steelers game a lot better.

I hope that you take a moment this weekend to remember what is truly important.
Have a wonderful, blessed, safe, happy, cozy, memorable Christmas.


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