Heart in the Clouds

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gratitudes 2011 - #8

It feels like forever since I've been able to write anything or to even put two coherent thoughts together. I am so thankful to be back on the wellness wagon! I feel like myself again after the last couple of weeks of feeling horrid. FINALLY! I am going to do everything I can to avoid more germs. Spring is in sight and I don’t want to be sick again.

Today I’m grateful for…

Being sick. Nothing makes you more grateful for feeling good than being sick does. Stomach viruses are awful. So I’m grateful that I was so sick, so that I could actually appreciate feeling normal again. You have no idea.

Cyber school. I love that it’s flexible enough to allow us to have sick days. Liam was sick after I was, so that made for an interesting school week. However, for some reason, I got him 5 days ahead on his school work last week, and it ended up that we needed that time. Things work out!

A homecoming. Lt. Col. Bryan Wood, my friend's  Marine husband, came home from Afghanistan today. It gives me hope that more of our servicemen and women will be able to come home soon to their families. I know many families who are enduring a deployment and I pray for them all the time...I can only imagine how hard it must be. I pray that God rewards them a million-fold for their sacrifices.

Being one day closer to Spring! Hooraaaaay!

Loving myself. There’s nothing as fulfilling as learning to love who you are. There will always be things you don’t like, but loving yourself in spite of the things you don’t like is so important. If you love yourself and learn to see yourself the way God sees you, you will love other people, too.

Texting! OMG…people. Somebody stop me. Seriously, I can see that this could become issue and I’ve only been doing it for a week. However, it’s so nice to be able to send lovely little friendly messages to people I don’t get to see often and to know that they’ll get the messages immediately. Can you tell I’m a novice?

Walks with my kids. Yesterday I went walking with both of the boys, and today I went with just Brendan (he and I are not sick, so it was good for us to get out). We have the best talks and it's fun to see what they notice about the world.

Losing my dream house. It was never mine, I guess, even though it felt like it was. It was just sold, probably for the same amount we offered last year. I am trusting that God has the exact right space for our family. In the meantime, I am so grateful to be living in a house that I already love. Someday we’ll have a property and a big backyard. Until that happens, though, I will continue to love Colligan Castle.

Being able to take care of my family. I’m not sick anymore…they are. Which means I can take care of my sickies and do what they need done…including scrubbing barf out of the rug. (Don’t get me started on that.) If we had all been sick at the same time, it would not have been pretty.

Another upcoming trip to KC. Today, I booked my trip and I’m going in two weeks! Yay for seeing my KC friends! Mama is looking forward to traveling.

Love. Learning to do everything out of love is SO difficult. Scolding my children in love. Speaking the truth in love. I guess I have a lot of learning to do on this subject, but I AM learning. God is a great teacher because He does everything for me out of love, including gently telling me when I’m wrong. I love that about Him.

I hope you can see Spring ahead…the dormant season is almost over! I always see Springtime as a prophetic thing. The spiritual is reflected in the natural. This is the first Winter in a long time, though, where I haven’t felt dead. I have actually enjoyed as much of it as I could and I’ve seen the difference in myself this time around. Gratitude has had an effect on me in areas that I don’t even get to see all the time, including the fact that my normal demeanor and my everyday attitude seem to have permanently shifted a few degrees toward the sunny side. Who would have thought? Even when I’m at my worst, I still feel peace and I trust that God is working on my behalf. I hope you can do the same.


  1. This is my first visit to your blog, Sarah- 1st of many, I hope. Thank you for sharing your gratitudes & what God is doing in your life.

    I can relate to most of what you shared, especially about sickness (seems I've spent 95% of 2011 there!) & appreciating renewed health. The kids & I have taken our share of sick days, but I'm amazed to see that we're also ahead of schedule (relative to where we were last home school year at this time).

    It almost got freaky 'parallel universe' when I read about your dream home lost. Mine just went under contract this past weekend- to someone else, that is. But like you, I'm learning to love where I'm at while waiting for God to direct us down the right path to the right home at the time of His choosing.

    Though He didn't have to, God graciously showed me why He kept us here all this time: A few months ago, He brought a stranger to my door who thought he needed money. As it turns out, what he really needed - & received that day - was the Gospel message & a relationship with the Savior (whom he received into his life right here in my living room!!) Isn't it awesome when God shows us His big picture, & somehow he miraculously weaves our very lives into His amazing handiwork?

    I also wanted to tell you what an encouragement it is just to read how God is working in your heart. I've been discouraged at times to see that some dear friends have walked away from God. But reading your posts & gratitudes is like a breath of fresh air. I see what He's doing in you, & that reminds me of what He's doing in me, my hubby, & kids. Thank you for the open book, dear sister in Christ!!

  2. Thank you for commenting! I didn't see it until today, but I so appreciate it. It's always encouraging to hear from people who have read the blog. :)