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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I really like reading new blogs. I can get inspired when I read about the journeys of some of my friends...and also those of complete strangers. So these are some recommendations. Please read them and follow if you're interested. Also, please comment below about blogs you follow and why...I am always looking for more reading material. Thanks!

The first is from an amazing friend of mine whom I've known since I was probably 10 years old...she is a stay-at-home mom who is incredibly smart and has a beautiful and honest and humble outlook on life. I love her, but I'm biased. ;)

Another is from another friend and fellow pastor's kid. He just started this anonymous blog and I'm encouraging him to keep it up. I have found blogging to be incredibly cathartic and I think he's going to find the same thing.

My mom has a blog! She's a great writer and has a lot to say that many people will relate to! Check her out!

The next one is a blog by my online friend, Beth, whom I hope to meet in person someday. She is the original inspiration for me beginning my own gratitude journey. She is deeply honest, and she words it all beautifully. The change I've seen in her life since her gratitudes began has been a complete 180.
The Kindness Project

Next is a beautiful photo blog by a girl named Kelle Hampton. Her blog is full of gorgeous photos of her life and her family, but I first started reading with this post...get Kleenexes if you plan to read it.

My friend, Kellie, has a fun blog about crafty things, cool thoughts and great photos. Check her out!

If you're into crafts and homemade gifts and such, check out "Crap I've Made." She makes some really great stuff. Enjoyable!

The next one by another Sarah (awesomeness!) is a beautiful blog! Check out what she has to say in today's post and follow her!

Last one...I love to ogle the photos and creativity of this chick. She is a sewing and designing genius and her creations are so great!

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  1. Thanks!!

    Marian is still living next door, although her sister recently died. Her family is now encouraging Marian to move to an assisted living home. I'm so sad. If my house wasn't on the market, I'd volunteer to check on her daily just so she could stay in her own home.