Heart in the Clouds

Thursday, November 3, 2011

November is Gratitude Month!

Gratitudes of the Day (in no particular order):

1. Seeing the sun rise. It means I'm alive.

2. I can breathe out of one nostril now instead of none. :)

3. I have awesome friends, near and far.

4. I agree with a friend of mine...the raspy voice does sound kind of sexy if you ignore the 

sinusy/nasally aspect.

5. God is always teaching me if I'm open to learning.

6. A lull in the busy-ness.

7. One more day until GIRLS' NIGHT at Embassy Suites! Hot tub, snacks, Say Yes to the

Dress, making crafty cards and eating a huge, free breakfast the next morning.

8. My husband. 'Nuff said.

9. Hot coffee. Feels great on my throat...ah.

10. PA Cyber. Though there are days where I feel like I want to take a fork to my eyeball, 

it's one of the best decisions we've made thus far in regards to our children's education.

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