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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A bee in my bonnet...

This post started out as something completely different, but I felt this topic coming out of me in the middle of what I was originally blathering on about...so here goes...

I've had discussions with fellow Christians recently about what it means to "be a light". It seems like many Christians have this scenario in their minds where an unsaved person will someday stop them in the grocery store, wide-eyed, and beg to know what's so different about them. Let me tell you the truth...

This will likely never happen to you.

Jesus said that the way that people will know that we are His disciples is if we have love. The reason the situation I mentioned above won't happen is because you have to actually be involved in people's lives on a constant, nitty-gritty basis for them to see what your heart is like and to see if you really have love. If you have it, everyone will see it. If you don't...everyone will see it.

Sadly, many Christians don't hang out with or even befriend people who are outside their Christian circle. They're so involved with church activities that they never venture outside their well-lit bubble. You can't be a light in the middle of a bunch of other lights. If the only people you come in contact with are Christians, what's the point?

Christianity is a faith for REAL people.

People who are outside of your Christian bubble don't want to see how different you supposedly are. They want to see that you are the same as they are. Because you are the same. You have doubts. You have fears. You know what sadness and depression feel like. You know how to laugh and you have life in you. Be REAL, people!

I'm here to tell you that people outside the Christian world already believe Christians are "different" because we've presented ourselves as holier-than-thou, condescending snobs who think we're better than everyone else because we have our religious act down pat. (So-called "Christian" politicians don't help with this problem, either.)

Being a light is about being just like everyone else. Jesus was like everyone else. He hung out with all kinds of people and he humbled himself instead of putting on holy airs. Humility is one of the biggest keys to being a disciple of Christ. A humble person can be friends with anyone because the humble person knows that it's all about grace, and not about anything they've earned in their so-called goodness. I have friends whom I know would (and do) adamantly disagree with my religious views, but I love them no less. I think that's what God is calling us all to do.

Be who you are and who God is making you to be. Share your views on things. Love people, even if they use incredibly colorful words (GASP!!!). Openly discuss your faults and fears. Really listen to what people are saying. Don't put on a perfect Christian front because that's a lie--you're not perfect.

When you realize you don't have to be perfect, either, it's a very freeing thing.

People won't remember passing you in the grocery store, but they will remember if you were kind. They likely won't notice a supernatural glow about you, but they will notice if you tip your server at a restaurant. They probably won't see the shiny golden cross you wear around your neck, but they will see the beauty of a truly loving, humble heart.

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  1. I love what you wrote Sarah. We have had several Christians who don't like our business because we aren't Christian enough. But we weren't called to run a Christian gym. We are Christians who run a gym to help people and show them Christ's love. Thanks for sharing!